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Family law and divorce is a subject which causes many of us significant stress and emotional turmoil. At Mongillo Law, we understand that this area can be very difficult and emotional for everyone involved. Leonardo provides comprehensive services that support the difficulties you may encounter. We promise personalized representation by creating effective and client-focused results.

We can help you work through the family law process and provide you with various options to resolve the issues you are facing.

Our services cover the many situations that people face today, including:


Separation is a new and overwhelming change, but we can help. Whether it is a separation agreement, child custody issues, support issues, or property issues, we will work to protect your rights and interests.


With you, we work to draft, review, and finalize domestic contracts, marriage contracts, and separation agreements to a beneficial result.


We provide effective advocacy for your rights and have a client-focused approach to litigation. With experience and a wide range of knowledge behind us, we are able to adapt quickly while keeping your interests in focus.

Mediation, Arbitration and Negotiation:

Many family law matters are resolved outside of court. Coming together with a trained mediator or arbitrator can be a cost effective and productive means to resolve the issues. We will represent your interests while working together with all parties to find a solution that works for everyone.

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