Collaborative Family Law

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When couples come together, the world seems bright and happy. No one enters a marriage expecting to become divorced or separated. There are times, however, when one or both parties in a marriage feel like it is necessary to end the relationship. This can become a costly venture if the separation or divorce winds up being fought in a courtroom.

Leonardo Mongillo is a certified Collaborative lawyer. Collaborative law has a unique approach to this often difficult situation. Instead of fighting for your interests inside a courtroom before a judge, the Collaborative approach allows people to find a principled settlement outside of a costly courtroom. Collaborative law provides an approach to separation which protects your dignity and integrity and focuses on a cooperative approach, to achieve the best resolution for your family.

A Collaborative law meeting allows issues to be examined from a number of perspectives to ensure the best possible resolution is found for your family. The well-being of your family is put first, and constructive communication and cooperation is established, so that future issues can be resolved civilly and successfully.

Further advantages of using this unique approach:

• A client focused and controlled process;
• Cooperative strategies are used instead of adversarial strategies;
• Negotiated family-focused results without going through a costly court process;
• Work with Collaboratively trained lawyers, financial professionals and family professionals to achieve a cost effective and family-focused result;
• The ability to canvas a variety of resolution options tailored to your needs.

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